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Kyushu University International Legal Office


Kyusyu University International Legal Office (“QILO”) has been newly established.

The number of exchange students, foreign faculties and researchers in Kyushu University have been rapidly increasing along with the increase of international activities, such as collaboration with foreign universities or industries. QILO was established on April 1, 2011 in order to support the conclusion of international contracts, and another main mission is to strengthen compliance in Kyushu University. Professor and staff in QILO with a lot of business experiences in international legal matters provide following services:

  • support for the conclusion of contracts and agreements with foreign organizations such as government, industries, universities, etc.;
  • support for the conclusion of employment contracts with foreign faculties and researchers;
  • advice on laws of foreign countries; and
  • study and research on international legal affairs at the university.

Precautionary steps for the contracts and agreements with foreign organizations

From right to left, President Setsuo Arikawa, Executive Vice President and Director General Akiyoshi Motoki (Director of QILO), and Professor Masaharu Okada (Vice Director of QILO),in front of QILO office.

In order to avoid disputes and difficulties concerning any contracts such as joint research, it is important to carefully verify the points below:

  • if the organization or the person is enough to trust;
  • if the contract includes appropriate purpose for Kyushu University ;
  • if the contract allows Kyushu University to perform the practicable activities ; or
  • if the contract is able to prevent Kyushu University from the major risks.

Mentioned above must be verified very carefully. Since the risk depends on the type of contract, please contact QILO at least once in the early stages before entering into a contract.

Akiyoshi Motoki
Director of QILO,
Executive Vice President/Director General


Kyushu University International Legal Office (QILO)

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