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Kyushu University International Legal Office

International Contracts

The number of international students, foreign faculty members, and researchers at Kyushu University (the “University”) has been rapidly increasing in tandem with the increase of international activities, such as collaborations with foreign governments, industry or universities (the “Foreign Organizations”).

Before engaging in collaborative activities with the Foreign Organizations, the conclusion of agreements in advance is vital. The agreement is a written commitment, as well as a guideline, for collaborative activities. It also becomes a solution when a conflict arises.

More importantly, an agreement that includes IP belongingness, the patent handling process, termination rules and research expenses provides a blueprint for collaborative activities.

By concluding an agreement with a written commitment in advance, one can avoid many potential pitfalls and risks.

Domestic collaborative activities can avoid language problems, and if a conflict arises, the domestic relationship allows differences to be settled amicably through good faith negotiations.

However, collaborative activities with the Foreign Organizations often encounter misunderstandings or differences of opinion because of differences of language, customs, religion and law.

The agreement with the Foreign Organization may be written in a foreign language, so it is essential to conclude such agreements with a deep understanding of their contents.

It is unacceptable to conclude any agreement without this understanding simply because it is written in a foreign language.

An agreement in a foreign language needs to be more carefully checked than one in Japanese.

Even though the researcher for collaborative activities may be well known, do you know what kind of organization the researcher belongs to? This is especially a concern if the collaborator is part of the Foreign Organization, as it may only have a foreign language website.

If you conclude an agreement without understanding what kind of organization you are collaborating with, the research results might be used for undesirable ends.

It is vital to clearly confirm the status of the Foreign Organizations in advance.

Articles that need to be checked before concluding an agreement depend on what kind of agreement it is.

To properly conclude the agreement, and to make sure there are no legal pitfalls, a professional check is necessary.

If you sign an agreement without fully understanding it, you may find yourself with problems that could not be imagined with a domestic agreement.

If you have an agreement with the Foreign Organization, please contact QILO in advance.

QILO will confirm whether the agreement is appropriate from a legal point of view.

If the Foreign Organization is unfamiliar, also contact QILO in advance.

QILO will ask an attorney to compile a due diligence report.

QILO provides consultation on legal issues, as well as appropriate advice from a consulting attorney if necessary. Please feel free to contact QILO.


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