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Kyushu University International Legal Office


The number of international students, foreign faculty members, and researchers at Kyushu University (the “University”) has been rapidly increasing in tandem with the increase of international activities, such as collaborations with foreign governments, industry or universities (the “Foreign Organizations”).Kyushu University International Legal Office (“QILO”) was established on April 1, 2011 in order to support the faculty and researchers at the University in dealing with legal issues.

  • Support the formation of contracts and negotiations with the Foreign Organizations;
  • Strengthen compliance within the University; and
  • Avoid any risks arising as a consequence of concluding a contract.

  • Assisting with the conclusion of agreements
  • Assisting export control
  • Assisting in rulemaking and risk management
  • Offering legal support to academia

1.Assisting with the Conclusion of Agreements

QILO helps to make many kinds of agreements, including joint research agreements with the Foreign Organizations, and also provides the following support:

  • Assistance from the negotiation stage with the Foreign Organization to conclusion of the Agreement; and
  • Assistance with internal paper work procedures.

*For more details regarding international agreements, please see “International Contracts.“

2.Assisting Export Control

QILO provides the following support in compliance with Kyushu University Export Control Rules and Guidelines, issued on April 1, 2010:

  • Concluding application forms;
  • Determining whether the shipment of goods or the transfer of technology requires an export license from METI;
  • Application form assistance for permission from METI; and
  • Advice on other issues related to export control.

3.Assisting in Rulemaking and Risk Management

To protect against some of the serious risks arising from collaborative activities, QILO provides the following support:

  • Checking of agreement details;
  • Modification of agreements in line with the policies of the University; and
  • Conducting due diligence on the Foreign Organizations involved in collaboration .

QILO supports the construction of a framework in the University to promote seamless internationalization and to create coherent rules and regulations.

4.Offering Legal Support to Academia

QILO provides support to encourage trouble-free international activities, in line with the character of the University, the freedom of research, and education.

If you have any questions regarding these issues, please contact QILO.

  • I need an agreement form for use with the Foreign Organization.
  • I want to translate the University rules and/or guidelines into English.
  • I do not understand the meaning of the agreement with the Foreign Organization.
  • I have no idea what kind of organization the other party to the agreement is.

Kyushu University International Legal Office (QILO)

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