Confirmation Letter on the Applicability of the Specific Categories


[Deemed Export Control] Confirmation Letter on the Applicability of the Specific Categories

It has been clarified that the provision of sensitive technology to a resident as well as a non-resident is subject to “deemed export” control if it falls under a situation (specific categories) in which the resident is so strongly influenced by the non-resident that the transaction can be considered virtually identical to a transaction in which the resident transfers sensitive technology to a non-resident, based on the amendment of act of “deemed export” (METI “Notification for Transactions or Acts of Transferring Technology Requiring Permission pursuant to ・Article 25 (1) of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and Article 17 (2) of the Foreign Exchange Order”) on May 1st, 2022.

As part of the university’s duty of care, universities are required to check and understand in advance the applicability of specific categories of its students and faculty members. We encourage you to check your own situation and register by filling out this form.

We will notice more detail with Kyushu University Primary Mail Service by the early July, so please check that mail.

How to conduct the confirmation

How to apply

教職員用E-learning System (here)

※Students apply for this from this system as well.


All Members (Teaching Staff, Administrative Staff, and Students (including International Students)

Please submit this confirmation letter regardless the Applicability


by July 29 (Fri.), 2022



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