Kyushu University Integrated Leagal Office


The International Legal Office (established in April 2011), the predecessor of QILO, aimed to provide legal support to ensure that contracts and negotiations with foreign governments, companies, universities, etc. (hereinafter “foreign institutions”) in connection with Kyushu University’s international activities can be conducted securely and appropriately, as well as to provide legal research and advice upon requests from researchers and related departments involved in international activities. In April 2019, the Office was reorganized into QILO, which is now responsible for providing legal support for both domestic and international activities while its main task remains as supporting international activities.

In addition, by constantly collaborating with the Legal and Compliance Division, which is in charge of dealing with cases that have arose, such as litigation and research misconduct investigations, we handle all legal matters of the University, not only from a preventive role but also from a clinical aspect.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about legal issues.

QILO’s Missions

  1. Support for liaison and contract conclusion with foreign institutions
  2. Support for security-related administrative operations
  3. Risk management and campus compliance support
  4. Appropriate support as academia legal affairs

Functions of QILO

1.Support for liaison and contract conclusion with foreign institutions

We prepare and confirm various international contracts (in English) with foreign institutions for international activities, such as contracts related to international industry-academia collaboration activities (joint research contracts, license agreements, non disclosure agreements, etc.) and inter-university agreements, and provide support for negotiations to ensure that these contracts are concluded in an appropriate form for the University.

* For details, please refer to “International Contracts“.

2.Support for security-related administrative operations

We conduct all administrative tasks related to international academic activities and security issues at the University.

  • Security Export Control under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act
  • Entrance control for foreign researchers and students
  • Management of research acceptance for international industry-academia collaboration (credit checks, etc.)

* For details, please refer to “Export Controls“.

3.Risk management and campus compliance support

In order to avoid various risks that may be assumed from collaborative activities with foreign institutions, we provide not only support for concluding contracts but also support that contributes to the internationalization of university operations.

4.Appropriate support as academia legal affairs

We provide support as university legal affairs, based on an appropriate understanding of the mission that the University and researchers should have, such as ensuring freedom of research and education.

If you have any questions about the University’s international legal affairs or need assistance,

please contact us by email.

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