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Entrance Control of Foreign Researchers and Students

Entrance control includes the implementation of appropriate controls to ensure that the spirit of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act is observed and that the acceptance of foreign researchers and students into the University does not become a threat to the security of Japan or the international community, by checking for concerns before and after acceptance.

Entrance control is expected to make the above-mentioned “security export control” more effective and contribute to domestic and international security as well as world peace.

Before Application


  1. Those who belong to (or have experience in research, etc. at) an organization listed on the Users List
  2. Those from (or with research or other experience in) UN arms embargoed countries or countries of concern
  3. Those whose affiliation or past affiliation is related to a foreign military or other relevant organization
  4. Those who are suspected of security letter concerns

※FYI, in the case of acceptance by JSPS, application is required for all candidates.

Checking before Application

Before application, please check as stated below.

  • Whether or not their institution is related to the military
  • Whether the institution is listed on the End User List or Entity List
  • Whether the technology is offered/provide

Listed-controlled Items END USER LIST(December, 2023)

For the latest information of End User List, please see here


Please apply for export by QILO E-Application System.


Each department or Researcher intending to accept foreign researchers (regardless of whether or not they are employed by the University) who are staying or visiting Kyushu University for the purpose of conducting research or education or international students

How to apply

You can apply for export by QILO E-Application System.

※The first time user needs temporary register.(After temporary registers, you may receive the link)

Log in to E-Application System For the first time user [Temporary Register]

Operation Manual

*The operation manual is for on-campus use only.
Before see the manual, please Log in to the Kyushu University SSO System

For applicants:Operation Manual【on-campus use】 For applicants (JSPS):Operation Manual【on-campus use】】

The Flow after Application

After application, the process follows the flow shown in the figure below. It usually takes about one month from the application to the issuance of the Certificate

1 During the review process, we may contact researcher in charge of accepting the candidates.

2 If you have any request for fiz, please let us know about it using memo on the system or sending a mail to us. After the fix, the status on the system will be changed to “確認済み”.



Q01Is there any problem to provide technical guidance(support?) to foreign student from the institution stipulated on the End User List?

APlease see the Article 3 (exceptions) of Kyushu University Management Guidelines for Export Control. If the provision of the technology falls under exceptions, no application is required, but if it does not, application is needed.

Q02Is a foreigner who is employed by the University for only two months considered a resident?

AUnder the FEFTA, one become a resident when they are employed. However, we need to ensure that we know the employee’s affiliation in their home country and that the technology is provided on the premise that it will not be used for military purposes after their returning to the home country. Please follow the Guidelines for Entrance Control Procedures for Foreign Researchers and International Students and complete the necessary procedures when necessary.

Q03In the case of acceptance of JSPS candidates who already belong to Kyushu University, is it necessary for application?

AYes, it is. All foreign candidates of JSPS are subject to entrance control.

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